Is death really the answer

It's amazing how you can feel their pain 
Only after they gone 
And wounds are already bleed out 
And the pain already took them out
And there is nothing you can do 
But mourn them 
It's crazy we get one life to live
And so much pain is inflicted in that life 
And how we hold all in
Not searching for the light
But someone is here for you
Was there for you 
Should had tried harder for you
Gonna miss you man
Should had spoke up more for you
Judge you less 
Welcomed you more 
Inspired your dreams more
Said I love you more
Is our fault 
Is it anyone's 
Now you at peace they say
Should had had that when you were alive
Trying to survive the cruelness
Now you up above 
Now you up above 
Now you up above 
Was death really the answer

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