In my blue dress

I sit here 
With my blue dress on
Watching you come in here
All late 
Full of excuses 
Try to explain your way out of it
But you know you wrong
You could have called
You could have sent someone to me
Making me wait
Was a big mistake
Cause know mister you got a problem 
Told me to put on a fancy dress
Told me you be here at six
It's 11:02
And I got nothing to say to you 
My hair is down now
My shoes are off
My makeup is gone 
And I am feeling a little tipsy 
It's not fair
You can't kiss it away 
I don't even want you to stay 
Just go away 
Just leave me be 
My yesterday's were better
When you didn't have me waiting 
On our five year anniversary
Here's to us  

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